Introducing The Forgotten Women In Chess Series!

Cover photo from the New In Chess article

What will The Forgotten Women In Chess cover?

Right now, I’m focusing on the women in chess history. but I also want to use this series to be able to talk about other parts of chess culture — history of women’s titles, the role of women in chess as chess history evolved, probably other stuff, too, like important moments in chess history that women contributed to. The beauty of something really big like this is there’s lots of areas to cover.

Maria Teresa Mora Iturralde


So yeah! That’s gonna be my Forgotten Women In Chess series. Right now I have 4 women I plan to cover. I don’t have a definitive date for the first post on Maria Teresa Mora Iturralde, but I’m shooting for the end of July.



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Jessi Shakarian

Jessi Shakarian

Jessi is a UX Designer at DIA Design Guild. She lives in Los Angeles and can be found on twitter @jessishakarian.