My Week In Chess: Community Makes The Journey Better

This week was kind of a mixed bag. I had a tough week, I got sick, but really what made it a good week was the online chess community.

100 Days Of Chess

I passed the 30% mark this week, I’m on day 34 of 100 days. While I was sick on Thursday, I was feeling so crappy, I posted that I got nothing done. TJ Murphy had me play a game with him. I lost, but I couldn’t have showed up for that day without him.

Making Space For Chess

I’ve talked in recent blog posts about how I am playing OTB (over the board) instead of strictly digital. I still use some digital tools. I’ve seen a marked improvement in thinking in 3D (example: chess notation is coming to me A LOT quicker now, board visualization is getting much better). I decided to make the space in my tiny apartment for studying.

My chess study area.
My chess study area.

Club Match

This weekend I got to participate in my first online club match!! We played against a team in Guadalarjara. There were 3 on each team for rapid. I was paired up against a 1750 player, and I played analog — on the board you see on my desk, and then making the moves on the app. The first game was rough going. But the second I think I held my own (as much as a triple digit player can hold their own against a 1750 player), I made them fight for that win a little bit. I’ll take that victory. Obviously, I lost both games, but I had a lot of fun.


So yeah, it was a good week all in all even though being sick sucks. I feel like I made a lot of good progress this week that wasn’t directly related to my studying. Progress is progress, it shows up in many forms.

Jessi is a junior UX Designer at DIA Design Guild. She lives in Los Angeles and can be found on twitter @jessishakarian.