My Week In Chess: Seeing Progress, Podcasting About My Journey.

This week was…actually really good, chess-wise.

Starting to see some gains!

I played 2 games every day this week and out of 14 games, I won 5 games and had 3 draws!! Technically, over half of my games were not losses!!

This is a first for me! I’m gonna take that win.

I knew it was going to take time, and it feels really good to finally be here. Crossing the threshold of winning (not hanging my pieces as much, not blundering as much) feels like the highest barrier of entry into chess as a new person.

I also added this book by Susan Polgar into my daily study. It’s been going well, sticking with 20 puzzles a day, every day.

I was on a podcast


Tournament-wise, it’s still not locked down which weekend it will be. Hopefully registration will be opening soon.

Jessi is a UX Designer at DIA Design Guild. She lives in Los Angeles and can be found on twitter @jessishakarian.